Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Cute and enchanting butterfly engagement rings

Many couples are going for butterfly engagement ring as it is charming romantic symbol for a couple's relationship. The figural engagement rings are getting more and more popularity and the butterfly rings are also in demand. We all know that there are many different species of butterflies throughout the world with tremendous variations in wing size, color patterns and overall appearance. However the butterflies are regarded as romantic symbol by many couples not because of their variety but it is because they blend perfectly with the romance and promise of a couple's commitment to one another.

Butterflies are known to symbolize a transformation or rebirth as they shed their cocoons to take flight as beautiful creatures in the world. In the same way the couple too undergoes a transformation as they enter the wedlock. This idea is behind the reason why many couples go for the butterfly engagement ring and butterfly wedding themes to take the advantage of the creatures’ beauty and elegance. Some others think that the butterflies are connotations for the delicacy and fragility of the wedding and the life afterwards. According to Chinese culture, two butterflies seen together are considered as a sign of love. Even though there are many reasons why people select the butterfly rings, the undeniable fact is that it symbolizes their relationship and love they share.

It is not a surprise to find that there are many different styles for butterfly rings just as there are many different species of butterflies. Some of the common designs of butterfly engagement rings include a single butterfly designed in any precious metal that would be centered on the ring’s band as a focal point. If the size of the butterfly is big, for better balance and proportion, it may have a split shank. Different pattern in which two smaller butterflies would be placed on the crown of the ring, surrounding a diamond or other gemstone. There is a stylized form that incorporates the setting's prongs in which the butterflies are set into the engagement ring mounting on the side of the ring. In a bypass ring design, the dual butterflies would be combined to create the focal point. Sometimes three or four butterflies would be made as the ring's prong to hold a central diamond or gemstone. Butterflies are also engraved into the ring's band or inlaid into a wide band.

In some rings the butterflies would be with wings and their body would be fashioned from gemstones or finely crafted with wire wrapped around gems. The wings are even crafted in heart shape from similar shaped stones or metals. Even pear shapes or marquise shapes are also used for getting different wing proportions. The filigree designed butterflies may or may not incorporate gemstones. The wings of the butterflies are sometimes slightly raised or flat against the ring’s band. Pave set diamonds are encrusted in the wings or body of the creatures in some rings.

Since the butterfly engagement rings are not traditional rings, it would be a bit difficult to find them at jewelry stores. However online jewelers offer the figural engagement rings in large variety.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

How to clean and preserve diamond engagement rings

Engagement rings are a treasure for the whole lifetime. If it is a diamond engagement ring, it would be a precious as well as expensive. So it is essential to know how to clean the diamonds in the engagement ring so that it would shine brilliantly for years. The main attraction of the diamond is its deep sparkle. But if oil, dirt and debris can fade off the sparkle from the diamond and makes its less stunning and valuable. However it is equally important to do the cleaning of the gemstones in the proper manner since any unintentional damage can happen by which the warranty would be nullified.

People easily think that the diamond engagement rings can be easily washed using regular soaps. This is not a desired method of cleaning because even the mildest soap would surely leave chemicals and residue on the surface of the gemstone. Even the smallest deposit of soapy remains would damage the sparkle of the stone since the refraction of light within the diamond is critical to its inner glint and beauty. So it is better advised to use specialized jewelry cleaners and detergents formulated to remove deposits and chemical debris on the diamond engagement rings and any other diamond jewelry.

You would surely want to get back the sparkle in the diamond after cleaning it. For properly cleaning a diamond in an engagement ring, earring or any other jewelry pieces, you can use certain accessories. Take a shallow dish which has enough volume to cover the jewelry. For cleaning you would need a soft bristle brush like a mild tooth brush. You would need mild detergent or suggested jewelry cleaning solution. Use rubber gloves if you are having sensitive skin. For wiping the jewelry you can use a lint free cloth similar to the one used to clean camera lenses. Use clean running water or fresh dish of clean water for rinsing the jewelry.

Steps in cleaning the diamond engagement ring

The ultimate aim in cleaning a diamond would be to get back gorgeous sparkle in the ring by completely removing any types of dirt and wastes from every nook and corner of the ring. It has been seen that it is relatively easy to clean simple solitaire rings compared to other elaborate pieces.

In some cases, you would be unsure about the type of the metal, accent stones or security of the setting. Then it is better to give the engagement ring for cleaning with a professional. The same thing is applicable to heirloom rings and antique ones. So before cleaning the ring yourself, it is better to determine the type of the ring and see if it can be cleaned at home.

One of the most common troubles is the flowing of jewelry through the open drains. When you are cleaning the ring, you must be always cautious around open drains. Make sure that you set up a cleaning space where there would be adequate light to see the clefts and all. Make use of tweezers to remove hairs or other fibers stuck in the prongs or setting. For removing loose dirt, you need to presoak or rinse the jewelry thoroughly. Place a firm grip on the engagement ring while rinsing it under running water.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Timeless bonding of three stone engagement rings

The meaning of marriage becomes true when the two souls accept each other’s past, get on with the present and join hands for a wonderful future. The past, present and future go hand in hand in a relationship. When a man wants to assure his lady that her past, present and future is safe in his hands, he can gift her with a three stone engagement ring which would be a perfect gesture to celebrate the couple’ s relationship. The three stone rings can also be a wonderful anniversary gift with many different style and budget options available.

Connotation of the three stone

The classic symbolism of three stones represents a couple’s past, present and future with each stage of their relationship highlighted by a diamond solitaire or gemstone. If the ring is been given as an anniversary gift, it can serve as a powerful reminder of the love they have shared through the years. On the other hand, couples just starting their lives together consider the ring as a binding promise. The three stones can be embellished with birthstones that represent each individual and a central diamond solitaire that unites the tow of them. Depending on the ring design, it can also be fashioned with engraving or other custom touches.

Three stone ring designs

Three stone rings are usually seen in classic, recognizable and traditional settings though there are many designs available. Mostly threes stone pieces use the same gemstone for each of the three stones for marinating continuity and elegance. Diamonds are the most popular choice. The stone size of the central ring would be larger than the accents even though three stones would comparatively large to convey the symbolism. Usually round, princess and emerald shaped stones are used in the ring since they nestle well in close proximity without gaps.

A classic tiffany or prong style with the stones held slightly above the ring shank would be the most popular setting for three stone engagement rings. Usually gold (yellow and white) and platinum are the popular metal choices for the ring. Accents are mostly avoided in three stone settings.

Cost of three stone rings

The rings typically have a larger total carat weight other than other gemstone and that makes them more expensive than rings featuring one centrals tone with pr without smaller accents. Price would also be affected by the quality of gems with the higher caliber stones naturally demanding a higher price. Final price is also determined by the type of metal used in the ring. Yellow and white gold can be used as economical choice as they are the least expensive metals while platinum is generally more costly.

Friday, 15 April 2011

The Midas touch in engagement rings

Purity and eternity makes gold engagement rings a perfect symbol of enduring love. Couples have always believed that nothing matches the beauty of a gold engagement ring. And gold engagement rings have become the favorite for many years. They are versatile and the metal will never go out of style.

Gold engagement rings are popular for certain reasons. In fact gold has many advantages over other metals. The metal is highly tarnish proof while many other metals interact with other chemicals which cause them to tarnish. Silver and brass are the best example of this tarnishing. With a gold engagement ring, there is no room for tarnishing or wearing off. Another feature of gold is its flexible nature which makes it easy to mold and bend in beautifully creative ways. if you fancy a truly unique band, you can entwine strands of gold which would make an exquisite setting for an engagement ring. Engravings can be easily made in gold if you wish to add a special inscription.

There are limitless design possibilities with the gold engagement ring. You can browse through the online jewelry stores and check the available patterns. There is an added charm when diamond is set in a gold engagement ring. Gold lavishly add a sparkle and warmth to the ring which is absent in any other metal. This may be reason why gold has remained as the hot favorite among engagement ring hunting couples.

Since gold is a softer metal, it is not used in its original form. Other metals and alloys are mixed with gold to make it strong. The carat of the gold defines the amount of mixture like 18k, 14k, 12k and 10k. For engagement rings, it is better to stick to 18k or 14k gold.

Friday, 1 April 2011

Unbreakable bonding of ruby engagement rings

Even though the engagement ring adorns the hand, it is actually close to the heart. What more perfect than a ruby engagement ring to cherish the love that you have in your heart. Most couples think of diamonds when it comes to choosing the stone for their engagement ring. Since rubies are said to symbolize passion, strength and devotion, they certainly have romance about them. Nothing can light up the darkness in your life like true love and ancient legends speak that ruby has the power to illuminate darkness.

Apart from these reasons, you can also go for a ruby engagement ring if your fiancée is born in the month of July as it is their birthstone. So the engagement and birthday would be celebrated in style and in a perfect way. Rubies adorning the engagement rings would vary in quality and size. But the most striking feature of a ruby is its color. The color of the ruby varies from the palest pinks to very deep red. Generally the color of the stone is determined by the amounts of iron and chromium present during its formation.

If you are particular about diamonds in your ring, you can use rubies as accent stones or even they are excellent choices in a three stone engagement ring. A ruby engagement ring would surely stand as a symbol of your love and commitment. And ancient lore says that a ruby has the capacity to get back your true love after a lover’s tiff. So make sure you have these beautiful rich red rubies in your engagement ring for eternal happiness in your love life.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Elegance and uniqueness comprise tension rings

It is their smooth, sleek lines and natural elegance that accentuates the beauty of tension rings. The tension settings have become the ultimate in contemporary engagement ring design. In a tension ring, the perfection and beauty of the diamond or any other gemstone would be highlighted rather than adding any distracting embellishments. Tension settings have become an instant classic in the contemporary ring designs owing to its minimal and elegant look.

In a tension ring setting, the diamond or other gemstone appears to be floating or suspended in the mid air within the band of the ring itself. This setting uses specially treated metals that have an inherent springiness nature to hold the ring in place. The entire band of the ring acts as two large prongs to hold the stone in place with small carved niches that fit around the stone’s girdle. The stone is help securely in place in a unique floating illusion with a great tensile strength.

Initially couples were having concern over the safety of the stone as it is held in place through two points of contact rather than the typical four or six prongs settings. This concern is however quite contrary. Tensions rings can be considered as one among the safest pieces of jewelry available. Since the band metal is stronger than that used for prongs and more of the metal is in contact with the stone than through narrow prongs, the stone in a tension setting is held more securely. Thus the stone achieves a stronger and tighter fit. At Novori jewelry, the quality and craftsmanship is backed up with the lifetime warranty we offer for the engagement rings.

Titanium is the most common metal used for tensions rings due to its natural strength and durability. At Novori jewelry there are designs in white gold, yellow gold and platinum. Couples even have the choice of selecting multi tone rings typically with an inset of a contrasting metal. We offer exquisite designs of tension rings in dual metal setting combining white and yellow gold.

The tension rings calls for talented workmanship and hence only a few exclusive jewelers would be able to create a quality tension ring setting. At Novori you can find customized one-of-a-kind rings that are examples of excellent craftsmanship. Customers would be overjoyed to find out that we also offer matching tension ring wedding bands at our jewelry store. Thus you can complete your engagement and wedding band set with style and elegance which is exclusive for tension rings.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Exquisite diamond rings embellished with sidestones

If you think that a single would not please your fiancée, never give second thoughts to pick a ring with sidestones. The illuminating effects of a diamond solitaire multiplied with sparkling sidestones would surely impress your bride-to-be. They are the perfect choice if you want some added brilliance in the solitaire style ring. Sidestones rings have become a truly glamorous choice for engagement rings as they are available in many attractive designs. The sidestones are considered to be diamond paved path, leading to the central diamond that is raised above the rest in a prong setting. 

The best part of the sidestones in a diamond ring is that they brilliantly compliment the center diamond. The smaller rings would be running on the side of the ring and they are usually seen as engagement rings, wedding bands and even for other special occasions. Sometimes the center diamond would be flanked by two or more decorative stones. The sidestones enhance the size of the center diamond thereby making a true statement. At Novori Jewelry, there is a large collection of rings with sidestones which would make sure that something will be there that everyone loves. 

Some people find the solitaire engagement ring as too plain or too laid back. They would be seeking something more interesting and appealing. For such innovative couples, the sidestone rings would be a welcome choice. These brilliantly crafted rings are generally popular at the online jewelers where you can pick your choice and even get a customized ring. Person receiving the ring would be astonished and would surely adorn the ring’s brilliance especially if it is multi stoned. 

Rings with sidestones at Novori Jewelry would be available in 14k or 18k white or yellow gold, palladium and also platinum. Customers would be enthralled to see our widest range of selection which would be in varying prices range. In that way, the ring would fall smoothly within your budget. We offer multi tone rings like palladium and yellow gold dual metal setting that would look novel and elegant. Even though the most popular rings with sidestones have diamond at the centre, other gemstones are also used for giving a different appeal or appearance. Sapphires, emeralds, rubies and other precious stones form an excellent combination with sidestones. Even the gemstones are also used as centre stones for a difference. There is a wonderfully crafted combination of diamond and sapphire setting ring offered at Novori jewelry. Our rings are guaranteed to create the special feel for that special day.